A Question on Desire

Imagine you’re a teacher in a classroom, a politician on the stand, or someone at the park feeding ducks. In all these cases, you have a group of people or ducks in front of you… some of them are very anxious and eager in getting your attention and some are calm and relaxed. Now comes the time when you must call upon someone in that crowd. It doesn’t matter if you are calling upon one to give them permission to ask a question, answer a question, or to give them some food.  Is it not the tendency to call upon one that is calm, perhaps even least expecting to be called upon? Is it not a natural tendency to try to avoid those who are being the most aggressive with getting your attention? Maybe they’re pushing everyone else out of their way or jumping up and down like their feet are on fire – doesn’t matter, really. The tendency is to call upon those who are calm and passive. That type of energy is more attractive and less irritating than that which comes from aggression or desperation.

Now, let’s flip the table around. Imagine you’re someone in that crowd and the one on stage is something or has something which you desire to obtain – money, love, a new job, health, companionship – whatever one can desire to obtain. How would you go about attracting the attention of your desire?

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  • http://www.yearlyglot.com/ Randy the Yearlyglot

    I draw the same connection to cats. When you chase a cat, it runs away. But when you sit and ignore it, the cat seems almost drawn to you.