Kicking the Bucket

If you’re into films, you’ve probably seen one entitle, “The Bucket List.” Maybe you’ve seen “Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead” as well. In both of these films, characters were facing the end of their days and were in possession of a list of ten things they all wanted to do or accomplish before they “kicked the bucket.”

“The Bucket List” was quite an inspirational film for many people, myself included. I’ve spoke with a few who have such a list. In fact, I just met someone on Twitter who is studying Japanese and plans to write a book as those were items on his list. I know another cat that plans on running a marathon for the same (or, rather, a similar) reason. And, true… there are some who have these lists have included some far-fetched goals, like skateboarding on the surface of Mars or riding a mechanical zebra across Africa. And, while I’m all for the bizarre and setting the bar high on one’s aspirations…

Sure, I have a pretty wild list. The difference between mine, however, and a list which contains items like “having sex with Queen of England” (don’t try to picture that one) is quite a simple one: I’m actually going after my crazy dreams. Why? Well, that’s simple, too. My dreams keep me up all night, so I might as well live them out so I can finally get some decent sleep.

Seriously, though… why have dreams if you’re not willing to follow through on them? Life is all about the experiences we create for ourselves and/or become subjected to, right? So, why not be more objective with life and carry out some of those little plots and schemes which taunt us and haunt us so? Hell, if only for the stories you can tell others about what you’ve done, it’s worth it (especially if those stories are unbelievable, yet true).

Of course, once something’s checked off, it’s a better idea to replace that item with something new rather than just leave it with that sense of accomplishment. Those feelings fade with time. Besides, you don’t want to live out the rest of your days wrapped up like some strung-out, re-fried bean in some abstract nostalgic burrito. Living in the past is no way to live at all. So, keep updating and renewing that list if you keep one. That way, you’ll always have something to strive for, dig?

(You know, now that I think of it, I think I’ve only mentioned two of the items from my bucket list in this blog. The most obvious (and the most obscure) of the two is my pursuit of a life engulfed in creativity. What does that mean? Well, like a goober, here it is in a nutshell. You’ve heard of the whole “life imitating art” bit, right? I want a life that is art. I want to wake up every day creating something new until every inch of my reality is tainted with my design.

Fact is, every item on my bucket list is related to this concept. The novel I’m writing now is not only the first of a trilogy, but is also a tenth of the second item on my bucket list. By this, I mean my intention is to write at least ten novels – all of which I have already written many times in my head. (I kid you not, I have stacks of notebooks filled with notes I’ve made over the last 16 years on their plots, their characters, et cetera and so on. Hell, I’ve been known to drive my friends insane with those damn notes to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. I’m pretty sure they’re happy to see me finally writing the novels instead.)

As for the rest of my list, well… what can I say? Outside my aspiration to become a filmmaker, I honestly want most of those items to be a surprise. But, for the sake of this post, I’ll drop a few hints. Here’s one: I have a deep passion for gardening, architecture, statues, Tim Burton’s set designs, carnivals, and miniature golf. Want another hint? I, like another friend of mine, have blueprints for a house I wish to build that includes a kitchen design resembling a mad scientist’s laboratory. Bet you can see more of what I mean by creating a life that is art, yes? Care to join me?)

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